Sealants on Granite Countertop Surfaces

HydroShield Granite has been specifically designed to protect natural stone countertops from daily wear. It is a hybrid coating that provides the protection of both a penetrating and topical seal. This dual protection provides revolutionary performance.

HydroShield Granite does not change or distort the appearance of the surface. It is not a film so it will never chip, peel or discolor. It works by changing the molecular structure of the granite at the surface. It simply replaces the Oxygen molecules within the surface of the granite with Carbon molecules. The finished surface is extremely slick, helping the granite surface to stay cleaner longer. HydroShield Granite also protects the surface from damage and staining while still allowing the stone to breathe.

Hydro Shield

Why We Use HydroShield Eco-Friendly Sealant Products:

stain protection

HydroShield provides stain protection while leaving a breathable membrane which is better for the natural stone surface.

Reduces surface bacteria

Reduces surface bacteria better than other saturation sealers.

Sealer Warranty

Best warranty compared to other brands – Up to 15 years.

Sealer Treatment

Treating the surface with HydroShield makes it easier to clean.

Elimates hard water buildup

Eliminates hard water buildup on the surface.